Role of a urban designer

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Urban planner

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Urban Design Compendium

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Shaping places: a role of urban design?

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Role of Urban Planners

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Jonathan P. Dutch

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An urban planner is a professional who practices in the field of urban planning. An urban planner may focus on a specific area of practice and have a title such as city planner, town planner, regional planner, long-range planner, transportation planner, infrastructure planner, environmental planner, parks planner, physical planner, health planner.

Urban Future Lab is the center of cleantech innovation in New York. We are leading the way to a more sustainable world by connecting people, capital, and purpose to advance market-ready solutions to address climate change. Our programs include ACRE, a business incubation program for pre-seed to series A startups, PowerBridgeNY, a proof-of-concept center commercializing research from local.

There is no professional body that decides what should be on the curriculum of an urban design course, or what expertise and knowledge you need to be able to practise as an urban designer. An urban designer needs a broad understanding of cities, towns and villages, and ways of making them work better.

ISSN Guidelines on urban and peri-urban forestry Although cities occupy only 2 percent of the planet’s surface, their inhabitants use 75 percent of its natural. What is urban design? Urban design is the process of shaping the physical setting for life in cities, towns and villages.

It is the art of making places.

Role of a urban designer
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