My coke rewards

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If you’re a My Coke Rewards member, Coca-Cola just announced that the current My Coke Rewards program will be ending soon! The last day to enter codes for points will be March 22, and you can redeem your points on the site through June 30th.

However, on July 1st, a new program will be announced.

Why Coke Rewards Are For Suckers

Coke commercial Vs Pepsi commercial Coke and Pepsi have always been rival beverages for decades. I can remember my teens when most households would divide into two when it came to choosing their choice of drink, especially when going for grocery shopping.


Accruing My Coke Rewards requires setting up an account at the My Coke Rewards website. From there, the rewards can be accrued from codes located on Coke products and brands as well as by participating in activities listed on the My Coke Rewards catalog.

Join or Log Into Facebook Email or Phone. Password. Dec 31,  · Other Threads on Slick Deals for discussing My Coke Rewards My Code Rewards Barter Market thread - Offers to trade MCR Caps for Flaps (and vice versa) go here.

Shutterfly thread If you'd like to give away any Shutterfly codes/offers you win. What is the My Coke Rewards for Schools program? The My Coke Rewards for Schools program allows MCR members to donate points collected via the MCR program to eligible schools. In the new program, points donated will be converted to cash and the school will receive a quarterly payment to be used on physical education, sports.

My coke rewards
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