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Function Political Legitimacy amidst Jerky Crises Ahmad Shokr On Write 3,the topic of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi clustered the implementation of a set of trying decisions that previous years had feared to undertake.

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Home / Student-Developed Medical Device Wins NASA Tech Briefs’ “Create the Future” Contest. Student-Developed Medical Device Wins NASA Tech Briefs’ “Create the Future” Contest. Center: Nanosystems ERC for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies.

Medical Design Briefs Explores Silicone Alternatives, Northwire'sImpact on Life Sciences The cable and wire manufacturer's BioCompat. The #1 Publication for OEM Design Engineers and Managers in the Medical Market. With more than 40, BPA-audited subscribers and our pass-along rate, Medical Design Briefs reaches 90, OEM engineers and managers.

Get the latest news and breakthroughs for Design Engineers and manufacturers. Explore Technical Briefs from NASA and top government, commercial laboratories. Medical Design Briefs features exclusive coverage of the latest medical and bio medical innovations from NASA, its industry partners, and other major players in medical research and development worldwide.

From heart pumps and defibrillators to surgical robots, NASA has developed thousands of medical breakthroughs on the way to space. Articles and product briefs focus on design advances. Opera Glass, a new proof of concept from HP Labs, aims to more seamlessly blend virtual reality into design engineering workflows.

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