Legal but unethical

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Examples of Unethical Decisions That Have Ruined Businesses

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Abortion is legal, but biblically unethical, as are gambling, pornography, marijuana use (in some states), same-sex-marriage, adultery, and lying in the political arena. Preaching and acting on these beliefs is becoming more and more punishable but remains biblically ethical.

Nov 05,  · It’s legal—but still unethical— to make you stay at the office and work if you decline to go on the company cruise. This is vindictive, unnecessary—and just mean. It’s legal—but still unethical— to share your performance stats with your coworkers.

A guaranteed way to stir up trouble for supervisors and to harm staff morale. Sexual harassment inflicted by one person upon another at the workplace is immoral and unethical. And, more importantly, it is flatly illegal conduct under both federal and state laws, with strong legal remedies being available to parties who simply don’t have to tolerate harassing conduct.

Wiretapping, Tape Recorders, and Legal Ethics: An Overview Congressional Research Service Summary In some jurisdictions, it is unethical for an attorney to secretly record a. If unethical behaviors are known (or rumored) and the performer still gets rewards, it can create the impression that these bad behaviors are acceptable.

In this way, one cheater can lead to more.

Difference Between Unethical and Illegal Legal but unethical
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