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Kamdhenu Ispat to raise Mehsana plant capacity

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TMT Steel Bars

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Kamdhenu TMT Fe 500 Grade

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latest premium product KAMDHENU SS TMT bar featuring double ribs, double strength and double safety. Made from the latest UK technology adhering to international quality standards, KAMDHENU SS TMT bar is the first and only product in India with. The order came on an urgent hearing held by the high court, which is on vacation, on a suit filed by Kamdhenu alleging that in the first week of November it came across leaflets of JSPL that claimed TMT steel bars bearing Kamdhenu trademark failed the quality test of FCC.

Jun 10,  · Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd., Bhiwadi unit has state-of-the-art Tempcore Technology from CRM, Belgium to produce high quality Kamdhenu TMT bars. With high ductility Kamdhenu TMT bars are best equipped to resist earthquakes of high impact. Kamdhenu Ispat uses the latest CRM Belgium technology to manufacture its string of products– CID bars, TMT bars, TMT–Gal bars and Stainless steel in a flattering time of 18 seconds against Company History - Kamdhenu: Kamdhenu Ispat Limited was incorporated vide Certificate of Incorporation No.

dated 12th September, issued by. Kamdhenu has given us recognition in steel sector. Kamdhenu is known for its world class TMT products and we are very much proud to manufacture such products in our plant. Technology and innovation of Kamdhenu has steadily helped us in achieving success.

Kamdhenu tmt
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