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John Jacob Astor IV

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Feb 25,  · Watch video · John Jacob Astor IV was known as the financier who helped build the Waldorf-Astoria and the great-grandson of John Jacob Astor. Learn more at Jul 13, John Jacob Astor: America's First Multimillionaire [Axel Madsen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

On The Deal Maker: How William C. Durant Made General Motors: A well-written biography. -New York Times On Stanwyck: The Life and Times of Barbara Stanwyck: Madsen's admirably researched3/5(13). John Jacob Astor Titanic victim.

Biography and pictures of Colonel John Jacob Astor, millionaire and first class Titanic passenger. View the profiles of people named John Astor.

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John Astor

Facebook gives people the power to share. John Jacob Astor was the best-known and most important American businessman for more than a half-century.

His career encompassed the country's formative economic years from the precarious days following the American Revolution to the emergence of an. Feb 25,  · Synopsis. John Jacob Astor opened his own fur trade shop in and often traveled to the wilderness to procure furs for the shop.

A few years later, he made his first real estate Jul 17,

John astor
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