Infant motor skill development

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Is Your Baby on Track?

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The experts we spoke with suggest the following tips for encouraging your child's development: Gross Motor Skills Place infants on their tummies while awake to develop neck and back muscles. Mar 02,  · Toys that boost fine motor development include blocks (all shapes, sizes, and textures), balls (again, a variety), stuffed animals and dolls, activity boards, and household items (the real thing or toy versions) such as kitchen utensils, remote controls, and Whattoexpect.

Importantly, we showed that motor skills at seven months predicted the rate of language development in the group of infants who went on to develop ASD themselves. Jan 22,  · Another area of development to encourage this year is fine motor skills—or use of the hands.

Just as gross motor skills enable your child to perform Author: Parents. Year 1: Motor skill development By month 4, your baby has the muscle control needed to turn his head and follow objects.

Within the first year, he should develop the. Infant Developmental Milestones Gross Motor Skills. Gross Motor development involves the larger, stronger muscle groups of the body.

In early childhood, it is the development of these muscles that enable a baby to hold his/her head up, sit, crawl and eventually walk, run and skip.

Infant motor skill development
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