How was john proctor was an honorable man

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John Proctor an honorable man

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He was trying and greedy, and then because of that he was how conflicted. How to Think a Summary of an Instant?. PROCTOR, laughing bitterly: Oh, Elizabeth, your justice would freeze beer! (II) (II) Elizabeth is a good and just woman, but forgiveness is difficult under any circumstances—and as a result, her husband feels judged every day of their marriage.

When John Proctor enters in the first scene, he is described as being “powerful of body, even-tempered, and not easily led” but “the steady manner he displays does not.

John Proctor is an honorable man, but it was not always so. He was selfish and greedy, and then because of that he was later conflicted.

John Proctor an honorable man

At first John Proctor wants his life, so Danforth would then ask him if he had seen anyone with the devil to which John Proctor would cry out, “I speak of my own sins; I cannot judge another. The question that needs to be answered is if John Proctor is an honorable man.

Well In my personal opinion, I would have to say that he is an honorable man. John Proctor. SEARCH. Proctor knows that Parris is more concerned about his own pride rather than looking out for the welfare of Salem. This is ironic because Parris was said to be a man of God and yet, he speaks of hell and his primary concern is not the church.

John Proctor does have problems with his wife Elizabeth, in both the book and movie. From this you could take that he is not honorable because he is troubling his spouse, but in the book it shows Proctor working to make his marriage better/5(1).

How was john proctor was an honorable man
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