How to write a resolution best delegates

Contact your respective county holding, specialty society, or sections to learn of your resolution vetting process should you wish for them to plan the resolution on your behalf.

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Model UN Made Easy: How to Write a Resolution

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Traditions of conflict resolution in South Africa

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Sample Resolution

An idea from the position paper reaching the resolution is to the delegate credit. This is because it means either that the delegates accurately predicted which direction the discussion would go it, or better still were able to direct the room in that direction.

MSMS HOD Resolution Writing >> The House of Delegates is the official policy-making body of the Michigan State Medical Society.

Resolutions and Board Action Reports are the vehicles used to debate and determine the policies, priorities, and direction of MSMS during the ensuing 12 months and beyond. Are you a first-time delegate who wants to learn how to deliver their opening speech, research for your first conference write a position paper, or author a resolution?

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