How does driving pressure affect fluid flow

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Hemodynamics (Pressure, Flow, and Resistance)

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Hemodynamics (Pressure, Flow, and Resistance)

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Although changing pressure could be used as a means of blood flow control, this is not as effective as altering blood vessel radius, as large changes in pressure would be needed to significantly change blood flow.

* To understand how blood pressure affects blood flow rate. * To understand what structure produces blood pressure in the human body. * To compare the plot generated for pressure versus blood flow to those generated for radius, viscosity, and length.

The driving pressure for fluid flow comes from the heart. Pump Mechanics The following questions refer to Activity 5: Studying the Effect of Radius on Pump Activity. How does driving pressure affect fluid flow? A decrease in driving pressure results in increased fluid flow.

An increase in driving pressure results in decreased fluid flow. View Lab Report - Lab Report 2 Bio PhysioEx from BIOLOGY at York Technical College. PhysioEx 33B Activity 1 1. What happened to fluid flow as the radius (diameter) of the flow tube was75%(4).

Putting it all together: Pressure, flow, and resistance

So altering blood pressure to change blood flow would not be an effective means. End Diastolic Volume Volume of blood in the heart just before systole, is analogous to the volume of fluid present in the pump when it is at the top of its stroke.

How does driving pressure affect fluid flow
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