Energy balance

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Energy Consumption: India

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Balance Food and Activity

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The total energy of a system can be subdivided and classified into potential energy, kinetic energy, or combinations of the two in various ways. Kinetic energy is determined by the movement of an object -- or the composite motion of the components of an object - and potential energy reflects the potential of an object to have motion, and generally is a function of the position of an object.

the relation between intake of food and output of work (as in muscular or secretory activity) that is positive when the body stores extra food as fats and negative when the body draws on stored fat to provide energy for work.

“Energy balance” is the relationship between “energy in” (food calories taken into the body through food and drink) and “energy out” (calories being used in the body for our daily energy requirements). This relationship, which is defined by the laws of thermodynamics, dictates whether. “Energy balance” is the relationship between “energy in” (food calories taken into the body through food and drink) and “energy out” (calories being used in the body for our daily energy requirements).

This relationship, which is defined by the laws of thermodynamics, dictates whether.

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