Compare frankenstein to prometheus

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The Prometheus myth

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Prometheus and Frankenstein: Tales of Creation and Punishment

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Like him Frankenstein goes too far and does not accept his own limits.

Frankenstein's Monster

Frankenstein has a little bit of the "creative fire of heaven" and learns to give life to a selfmade body. Shelley's suspenseful and intellectually rich gothic tale confronts some of the most important and enduring themes in all of literature--the power of human imagination, the potential hubris of science, the gulf between appearance and essence, the effects of human cruelty, the desire for revenge and the need for forgiveness, and much more.

In Prometheus's case, this creature is man, while for Frankenstein this creature is a "monster" brought back from the dead. Both feel the dangerous effects of a quest for enlightenment which battles the natural order of the.

Mar 27,  · The relationship between the myth of Prometheus and Frankenstein highlights the relationship between creation and punishment. Elements of the myth that influence Frankenstein’s argument are predominantly found in the similarities between the character of Victor, and the Greek mythological figures Prometheus and Zeus.

Frankenstein can be compared with Prometheus in the way in which he steals fire by harnessing the power of lightning to animate his monster but, like Prometheus, he also defies the supreme being and continues to pursue knowledge (symbolised by fire) until it has fatal consequences: a clear parallel with Frankenstein's crimes against nature.

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Compare frankenstein to prometheus
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