Britain is democratic or undemocratic

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Is the UK Truly a Democracy?

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Why is the British state so undemocratic? The massive surge in support for Scottish independence in the recent referendum was motivated more by democratic than nationalist sentiment writes Piers Mostyn. It was an expression of long term working class alienation from the political decision-making process.

despite widespread. Britain’s Democratic Failure. has consistently refrained from going to war. If we look at ACTUAL evidence we find that It is undemocratic politicians who make wars for Citizens to die in.

This form of "direct democracy" is quite close to the ancient Greek model, but more inclusive.

Why is the British state so undemocratic?

In Britain, a referendum is a democratic instrument. It can be argued that Britain is both democratic and undemocratic; this can be shown via a range of issues relating to British politics and the society in which we live.

Democracy is a form of government in which supreme power is held completely by the people under a free electoral system.

But now the knock-on effect of that vote is that the country is having a new prime minister put in place with little to no democratic say from the vast majority of the country's eligible voters.

Britain may have the Mother of Parliaments, but in a new study on democracy in 30 countries it is close to the bottom of the table which is headed by Denmark. Germany is more democratic than France, Britain and even Switzerland, according to the study by the University of Zurich and the government-funded Social Science Research Centre in.

Germany is more democratic than France, Britain and even Switzerland, according to the study by the University of Zurich and the government-funded Social Science Research Centre in Berlin.

Britain is democratic or undemocratic
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